About Us


Her story


Danielle was a single mom who found herself in a dark place where she struggled to find understanding, recognition and appreciation. At that time, she felt that unworthy to be loved. But, after working on self-discovery and self-development, her efforts resulted in great triumph: she found love in her life and from that started to help other individuals who are struggling.


Free resources


Danielle offers free sessions and resources to her first-time clients. She understands that everyone’s financial situation is different. She loves to help people. So just give her a call or email. Have a free session with her. 


Why coaching


If you are struggling to develop your personal relationships or find your soulmate, there’s nothing more that can help you than soulmate coaching. Danielle offers you a series of different love life coaching sessions. This programme offers you many opportunities to work on your relationship issues with Danielle. Coaching helps bring clarification to life’s journey and attaining relationship dreams. Danielle can feel the real emotions and needs of people to then bring them together.

What' did they say:

 "Danielle has got me to see what is really important to me and got me into action in less than 30 min of coaching, which in the past took days and sometimes weeks. 

Thanks Danielle : )

If you want clarity followed up with wanting to be in action and loving it, talk to Danielle.

-- Katalin Csikasz, Principal Engineer, TechPro Plus Ltd. "

Hi Danielle,

It was great to receive coaching from you on my project over the last three months. The weekly reporting structure kept me focused on the actions to take towards my declared outcomes.

Although I did not reach some of my goals, your coaching has steered me closer towards achieving my objectives and given clarity to the pathway forward in a rather complex project.

I really enjoyed your partnership and look forward to working with you again.

With much gratitude,


16 June 2017